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Strengths-based Development Workshops

Understand  -  Appreciate  -  Excel 

Use your strengths to:


  • Produce results and reach your goals

  • Overcome obstacles & weakness

  • Transform relationships

  • Access excellence

  • Tap into your power & edge

  • Gain greater team engagement & productivity

  • Live a happier life

services-workshop-both orgz & private group Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop – Effective Leadership Strengths

Duration: Half-day (4 hours) workshop

In this powerful & experiential workshop, discover the three keys to what makes great leaders & why people follow. Participants dive deep & explore their unique strengths, what those strengths bring to the table & discover how to best leverage their strengths for effective leadership & success. You will walk away with actionable ideas, a new & natural road map for being a leader & maximizing your leadership team.

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services-workshop-organizationUnleashing High Performing Teams

Duration: Half-day (4 hours) workshop

When we understand each other, things work. This interactive & customized workshop utilizes the results of the StrengthsFinders assessment & debriefs to build better team leaders, engagement & collaboration by appreciating & leveraging employee talents & strengths to create high performing teams. When employees are given the opportunity to do what they do best every day, the effect on individual, team & organizational performance is powerful.

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services-workshop-organization“Talent” Lunch & Learn - BYOT (Bring your own Talent)

Duration: 60 to 90-minute (recommended once a month or as needed for reinforcement & retention)

Reinforce talent development & team cohesion in this customized group coaching gathering. Opportunity is given for individuals to share their successes, insights, challenges & experiences with StrengthsFinder. In this interactive discussion, individuals will leave with a deeper understanding & appreciation of their & their colleague’s talents in addition to practical actions to develop their talents to meet their performance goals.

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(Services-workshops- both in organizations & private groups) Introduction to StrengthsFinder

Duration: 60-minute group presentation

This presentation will lay the groundwork for discovering and exploring your StrengthsFinder Talent Themes. You will learn what it is, what to expect, why take it (the assessment), how to use it, & what’s the benefit. This information will help create buy in.

doing work together
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