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I spent a great deal of time looking for an executive coach who could take me to the next level. I chose Nanor because of her unique ability to actively listen, care, and force me to be specific and accountable with my goals. Nanor doesn't just help me tackle the challenges in my career and life, she enables me to perceive them differently. Working with Nanor has made me uncover how I view the world, the effect that has on my ability to execute, and how to change, so I can execute more effectively. Working with Nanor has made me push myself in my career to another level, leading to promotions, raises, and significant improvements in my relationships at work. I couldn't recommend her more to anyone who is looking to grow - the return on investment is obvious.

Varag G

"Her ability to make me tap into my unknown and unfounded potential makes her one of the, if not the best, Professional coaches around. I have seen a great improvement in my professional ambition and goals since I began working with Nanor, and for that no words or testimonial will ever do her enough justice. Thank you for everything,"

Yesenia U


"Your coaching skills helped me to change my life! I’m better able to manage my life and that = SUCCESS! This happened in a record amount of time! The years I’ve had with Therapists, did not achieve what you helped me achieve in a short time." 

Marie V



"Nanor is a very organized, goal oriented, pleasant and supportive person. She is very passionate and extremely committed to helping me remove my roadblocks to accomplish my goals. She always makes me think and find ways about how to proceed and make me proud of myself. I highly recommend Nanor as a Life Coach as well as a true friend."

Cicily Kavilaveettil PMP, CSM


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