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Coaching for Strengths-based Development

Harness Your Strengths to Achieve Success


In this unique Strengths-based coaching approach, clients learn, grow, develop, and achieve personal and professional success. We help you understand and apply your unique talents to produce results, reach your goals and unlock your potential.

Understand who you are, what motivates and energizes you, how you filter the world, respond to situations, work with others, get work done, process information, influence others and more.

Overcome Obstacles

Use Your Strengths to:

  • Produce results and reach your goals

  • Overcome obstacles & weakness

  • Transform relationships

  • Access excellence

  • Tap into your power & edge

  • Gain greater team engagement & productivity

  • Live a happier life

(Services-coaching-both in organizations & individual)

 1on1 CliftonStrengths Assessment & Debrief

Duration: 60-90 Minutes

Discover what makes you great! In this 60-minute exploratory conversation, you will understand your talents, nuances & complexities. Learn how your talents give life to who you are & give life to your surroundings. When we use our strengths, we soar.

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(Services-Coaching-both in organizations & individual)

1on1 Strengths-Based Leadership Development Coaching Package

Duration: 10 Sessions

Your talents give you power & edge! The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents in your everyday life to reach your full potential & excel. Investing in your talents turns them into Strengths. To create strength, we have to start to intentionally exercise or “flex” our talents. In these 10 sessions, we first create clear goals to point your strengths for improved performance. Next, we dive deep in understanding your unique talent themes, nuances & pairings. Then we uncover & appreciate the power & opportunities that your dominant themes give you, along with accepting the responsibility for developing them. Finally, we intentionally invest in the development of your talents through specific actions to “flex” your talents to accomplish goals & feel more effective at everyday situations. All this is done through confidential conversations, fun activities & powerful actions.

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CliftonStrengths-Based Leadership for High-performance Managers

Duration: 3 1-hour sessions

The most effective managers are self-aware. In these laser-focused 1on1 coaching sessions, managers identify performance goals, discern their unique dominant talents to effectively use them in their role as people leaders, help employees achieve performance goals, learn to anticipate perceptions & refine talents to enable the manager to enhance the effectiveness of their leadership, relationships & engagement with employees for improved xyz.

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