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I have been working with a therapist for over a year & I feel so empowered & created so much awareness in my 3 sessions with you than I did in the 1 year working with her.

Matrice V

You are very good at listening & taking in what clients say, restating it & create a story that summarizes it. You put it back in a way that is meaningful & truthful. You are very intuitive. 


Janet M

I loved our discussion about organization & staying on task. I appreciate the awareness and sense of personal responsibility it reinforced with in me.


Moira F

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"Nanor helped me to solidify the path I needed to follow in order to move in a positive direction, and enabled me to find a clearer sense of purpose in life.  I recommend her as a life coach to anyone who is serious about becoming a better person."

Chris S

Few words can thoroughly and adequately describe the professional and life lessons I learned through my 6 sessions with Ms. Nanor.  People may at first be skeptical about the benefits a Professional coach can provide, but after my first visit with Ms. Nanor any doubt went out the door.

Y Urbina

As a result of working with Nanor as my life coach, I’ve been able to find a new happiness and joy in my life.  She helped me create a plan to take action and make meaningful changes. I have more peace in my own mind and I have built better relationships bringing me closer to becoming the person I want to be.


Her ability to make me tap into my unknown and unfounded potential makes her one of the, if not the best, Professional coaches around. I have seen a great improvement in my professional ambition and goals since I began working with Nanor, and for that no words or testimonial will ever do her enough justice. Thank you for everything,

Yesenia U

At the end of our conversations Nanor left me feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT to find my own answers & face my insecurities. I felt like I accomplished a lot. I also was confident in completing the goals I had set for myself. Nanor’s professionalism, knowledge and presence set her apart from others in her field. Her personality and encouragement will keep me as a loyal client.

Hailey M

Your coaching skills helped me to change my life! I’m better able to manage my life and that = SUCCESS! This happened in a record amount of time! The years I’ve had with Therapists, did not achieve what you helped me achieve in a short time.  

Marie V

Our calls and meetings have made a difference in my confidence, viewing things differently and reacting differently! 

Annie J

Nanor has a presence about her that made me feel comfortable to work through the issues that were getting in the way of accomplishing projects that I had put on hold for far too long. I highly recommend Nanor for anyone who feels stuck or who needs a believer on their corner.  She is awesome! 

Hossana P

“Nanor has served and continues to serve as the catalyst to transform the mind set of key employees, equipping them with the tools to build their self-confidence, expand their vision and elevate their role within the organization. Her ability to coach and mentor core staff members has made a tremendous impact on our team and in return the clients that we serve. She is a true reflection of openness, honesty and integrity and has played an instrumental role in helping my staff pull back the layers of fear, self-doubt and insecurity to understand where they are stuck to propel them forward. Her graceful coaching style provides a safe environment for my staff to open up and share about the obstacles standing in their way and she provides a clear roadmap of how to overcome them and achieve their goals and objectives.”

Robyn W


I was not sure what to expect as my initial reaction was “what did I do wrong?” “does my boss think I am lacking certain skills?”.  That was not the case after speaking with my Coach Nanor. She created a positive environment and made me accountable for my own actions and goals that were reviewed weekly. I felt that I could address different scenarios with ease and compartmentalize the importance of the situation and deal with each issue with my essence and know what direction I was going to take to address it. This has help me tremendously in all aspects of my life and I am thankful to have had Nanor Ohanesian as my coach.

Elisa K

I realized a lot of my authentic freedom is directly related to working with you during you coaching session. You unlocked a wall of weakness that now only spills light into my soul. Thank you. I had to share this to let you know what a gift you have coaching individuals.

Amy B

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