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Workshops for Organizations

CUSTOMIZE programs for your organization

                 DEVELOP employee skills and confidence 

                             CULTIVATE employee engagement and team building 

Together, we build programs that best meet your needs and produce result


Duration: Full-day (8 hours) or two Half-day workshop

Discover where your power exists! This experiential workshop is designed to create proficient, proactive & productive employees who will understand that they can improve the environment & profitability of the organization. They will do this through their own contributions, power to influence & willingness to take responsibility & ownership. The results are increased engagement, better communication, improved decision making & empowered employees impacting the bottom line.

Effective Managers

Duration: Half-day (4 hours) workshop

Without a clear goal, how will you know where you are headed? In this workshop, you will leave with SMART goals aligned with the organization’s mission, practical & measurable milestones with step by step actions, along with accountability structures & the assurance to achieve it in the declared time. The results are employees on a clear mission who are confidently, enthusiastically & calmly achieving the organization’s goals.

Lunch & Learns

Duration: 60 to 90-minutes

60 to 90-minute group coaching & training on topics that reinforce professional development, skills & team cohesion. Topics are personalized for each organization.

Goal Setting &

Getting Things Done

Gallup's CliftonStrengths-based Workshops

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