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Did you bring your WOO to the CES 2019 show?

Another observation I made at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show is the vital importance of collaboration & partnership. There were thousands of companies with genius ideas & most of them needed to join forces with others to turn those ideas into reality. It was here that I saw how Gallup’s strengths coaching & team building workshops could support these organizations.

The Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment tells you what your natural ways of thinking, feeling & behaving are. And if a person has WOO (Winning Others Over) in their top 5, well, that’s the person you want manning your booth at these shows. Why? You see, people high in WOO are naturally welcoming & charming. They are socially aware, awake, & connected with others to not only help build relationships, but also influence prospective partnerships.

If you want to build powerful partnerships & cohesive teams, it is important to be aware of each person’s strengths to leverage them to their full ability. Invest in developing your communication, collaboration, & relationship building skills through coaching in order to reach your desired results.

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