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Stepping Up and Out of My Comfort Zone

If there was ever a time to show up as a leader, this is definitely one of them. Whether you are a leader of a corporation, small business, school, team, your family or even yourself, it is time to step up and show up. In these uncertain, and in some cases, urgent times, where there is no rule book on what to do, leaders do what is required.

My natural inclination is to lead through harmony and consensus. This takes lots of communication, patience and, of course, time to hear each person’s input and reach an agreement. Well, these last few weeks, in my role as leader of a board, I was catapulted into making fast and timely decisions without ALL inputs and buy-in. Setting aside my comfortable ways, I was reawakened to the quote by Admiral Grace Hopper: “It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

What helped give me the strength to forge through? Being alert to my intuition and not getting stopped to act on it.

There is a great deal of discomfort in making decisions in the blind – especially ones that may be perceived as “wrong” - when there is no predicting what tomorrow will bring. My intuition was loud and not willing to be dismissed yet another time. This way of leading requires trusting myself, not backing down and doing what is needed. There is no playing it safe and waiting for agreement. I had to get a couple of perspectives, make quick decisions and take actions without consulting and seeking approval. I decided there was no time to delay and that I would choose to deal with any clean up and ask for forgiveness after, if necessary.

Experiencing this is the gift I received and it has disrupted and expanded my filter of what it means to be an effective leader. I am discovering that all ways of being and all ways of acting are available, and in fact, required, depending on the situation.

Where are you holding back and where are you stepping up and showing up?


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