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Awareness at CES 2019

I had the opportunity to visit the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show for a short day & half. I noticed hundreds of gadgets & software that sense & gather information to determine the current situation - products like cars that see 360 degrees, robots that sense people so that they don’t bump into them & clothing that can sense all your human vitals.

This reminded me of what we do in coaching. As a leadership coach, a crucial piece of partnering with individuals to support them in achieving their goals is to become more self-aware. Through coaching, we can bring awareness to uncover information about yourself, others & your environment. It is with this awareness that you have a chance to create what you truly want & discover the obstacles in the way of that very goal. Just like a car can take the proper actions to reach its destination through “awareness”, you too can reach your goals through self-awareness & taking appropriate action.

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