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be in “Draft Mode”

I got stopped. Perfectionism, procrastination, and not knowing how cost me a year of developing my business. Certain things I needed to do felt heavy, complicated, and difficult. That’s because I made them feel that way.

You see, I had a thought where I told myself “I’m not a good writer”. That one simple thought has stopped me from starting many things in my professional and personal life. From my website content, to my bio for coaching sites, to articles on LinkedIn, and even writing my dad’s eulogy.

This one thought (or a version of “I don’t know how to”) has sabotaged my ability to keep my word to myself. I would tell myself I will finish “X” project by “Y” date, but it inevitably got postponed because I had to figure out “how to write it” so that it sounded perfect, right and authentic.

Then I made a powerful discovery on a coaching call, the idea of “draft mode!” I decided I wanted to feel EXCITED about my to do’s versus feeling drudgery. Coaching has taught me that if I change my mindset, then my whole world will shift. So now I think “be in draft mode and be open to discovery.” If I remind myself that I don’t have to get it perfect the first time, then I will actually start the process! And we all know, that when we start something, it has more likelihood of getting completed! "Draft Mode", what a light bulb moment for me. :)

There is power in discovering those thoughts that are stopping you from achieving the results you want, and Coaching can help uncover them.

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