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My top 19 in 2019

When reflecting on my year in review, I was blown away and proud of the lesson I learned. I think it’s worth sharing with my community in hopes that it might support you.

Now, I know that some items on this list have been told before. The reason I view them as lessons now, is because I experienced things that allowed me to receive them as lessons…and NOW they are embodied and learned.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Health and well-being are the most important things in life. Without it, nothing is possible. It is vital that I take good care of me and from that base/foundation all else can be built.

  2. Action is the last piece that leads to the results I want; the first is my thought.

  3. “Understanding” is different from “knowing.” Understanding comes from the outside. It is knowledge to be gathered from books, websites, articles, webinars or experts, etc. Knowing is from within, the result of my experiences, discoveries, intuitions or gut feelings.

  4. I know that I know. I already have the answers within me. I know to trust myself. I don’t need to read articles, attend webinars or consult expert to “know” (those are to understand). This is huge for me as I am a lifelong learner.

  5. Procrastination is fear. Procrastination doesn’t work. The stuff never goes away. It lingers in the background and eats up my valuable energy…so just do it.

  6. Confidence is about trusting myself, my resources, and faith. Being willing to take risks and be wrong – this can literally lead to trust and that I already “know.”

  7. Any strength, overdone or used unproductively, becomes a weakness.

  8. It doesn’t work when I use my calendar like a reminder; just honor my word.

  9. Leadership is about creating a future that otherwise wasn’t going to happen.

  10. Right/wrong is about the ego. Good/bad is about ego. There are simply consequences. There is no right/wrong. There is “working” and “not working” and the consequence.

  11. We are on this earth to experience (learn). Knowing this, there is no right/wrong and there are no accidents. I am right where I am meant to be.

  12. Integrity = power - If I want to feel empowered and energized, I complete some things I said I would do and wham I get a zap of energy and power.

  13. Perfectionism is for scared people.

  14. An organized surrounding creates space for creating something new and calmness.

  15. Fears (in my head) can get in the way of my dreams. My limiting beliefs get in the way (stop me) from creating the life I want. I’ve learned that beliefs are not the truth. We live like our beliefs are true, but they are not the truth. The dictionary says a belief is a feeling of being certain that something exists or is true. But it is not The Truth. I have a say and a responsibility to change a belief that doesn’t serve me.

  16. What I believe, creates my results. Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

  17. I cannot change others; I can only work on and change myself.

  18. I go with the flow. Some things are not worth fighting for – the impact on the relationship is more important to me than the “thing” itself.

  19. I learned that knowing I have a choice is freedom. And I always have a choice.

What did you learn in 2019?

Photo by Tatenda Mapigoti on Unsplash

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