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Fourth Quarter, It’s Time

Are you on track for accomplishing your year-end goals? Whether it’s personal, like getting healthy, or professional, like reaching sales numbers for your team, or even a fun goal like sky diving, where are you on your path? Often when fourth quarter comes around and things are not going as planned, we can get overwhelmed, frustrated and even anxious.

It’s time to get back on track and here are two powerful ways to get you there:

Repetition – Our vision and goals can get sidetracked with our daily to-do’s. To stay committed and present to your goals, requires consistent, repetitive sharing of the vision so that it is clear for you and all your team members. It entails ongoing, moment to moment re-presence-ing of vision and goals to keep all parties enrolled to that vision. It’s like taking a shower, you have to do it at least once a day to stay clean – in this case, to stay clear and focused on your vision and goals.

Ask Why - Sometimes we don’t take the appropriate actions we know to take. We let our feelings dictate what we will do. For example, we don’t take action when it feels too hard. This leads us to view these actions as “have to’s” or “should do’s”, which in turn, feels burdensome and overwhelming. A way to overcome this is to uncover your why. Simply ask “why is it important that I do this task”. But the trick is to keep asking “why” until you get to the core of your purpose, cause or belief.

For example, sometimes I procrastinate on making doctor appointments because they take too much time and may require taking blood tests or going for an ultrasound etc.… can you hear the drudgery. But when I ask myself “why make this doctor appointment” and keep probing as to what’s important about that or what difference will that make, the root purpose to making this doctor appointment is revealed. It is “to live my best life” – that is my why. And that inspires me to act with enthusiasm and power versus doing it because I “have to”.

Hope these tips support you in finishing this last quarter strong and on track!

Feel free to reach out for additional support.

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