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Teams Get You to Excellence

Last week, I had the honor to be at NAHB’S most prestigious awards competition, The Nationals Awards Gala for 2019. One of my takeaways was how giving this community of home builders are. I heard the speakers say things like “give before you take” and “he/she took me under his/her wings and was a mentor”. Experts, like Art Danielian (2019 Legends Award winner) were teaching their knowledge & experiences to the next generation of industry professionals. It felt like an industry that cares & supports each other to win together.

At this event, there were over 60 categories of awards competition and the most common theme spoken by the winners was “I couldn’t have done it without my TEAM”.

We all want to achieve & some of us want to accomplish extraordinary things. At the end of the

day, it takes a village to make it happen. Even though technology has simplified many things, we still can’t do everything on our own. No one in the history of the world has ever done anything of any significance on their own; we need a team. Together we are unstoppable.

Surrounding yourself with a strong, well rounded high performing team can give you the opportunity to reach your goals & be an industry leader. Imagine having a team where there is trust and everyone feels safe to share freely, each individual is applying their greatest talents towards a clear common goal, each person feels valued and supported, and everyone is engaged and collaborating to succeed. With Gallup’s CliftonStrengths program, you can discover your team’s DNA and build a culture of strengths-based high performing and effective teams. To learn more, please contact me.





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