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Quarter 1 is Finished

Did you achieve you goals for the first quarter of 2019? Yes? Congratulations! NO? Chances are, you are not alone. Read on for some tips to achieving them.

First, I hope you are setting goals that are a stretch, audacious and require you to perform at uncomfortable levels in order to achieve them. If so, then hats off to you! You are on the right path. So, you set some stretch goals and usually after the excitements dies down, all the obstacles of why it can’t be done start to pop up. This is good. If you start writing them down, some of them can end up being part of your action plan.

But first things first – is your goal S.M.A.R.T? To support you achieving your milestones for quarter two, it is super important to make sure that your goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable (yet a stretch), Realistic and has a Timeline. For example, increase revenue 100% by December 31, 2019. Once you are super clear on your goal, write it down and share it “out loud” with people who are going to help hold you accountable.

The next valuable step in achieving your goal is to write out your vision. Stand in the future as though your goal is attained and journal on what it is like to have it accomplished. Be vivid when describing what you feel and write it in present tense. This is something so many people skip, yet this excerpt will keep you inspired and motivated during the challenging times.

Finally, create your action plans to achieving your goal by breaking it down into milestones, but the trick is to work it in a reverse timeline. What I mean is step into the future and ask “what needs to be true for the last milestone to be a reality”. More to come… in the meantime, if you need any support, feel free to reach out.

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