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A promise Spoken “out loud”

At a wedding I attended recently, the bride and groom announced before family and friends that they promise to……. This is different from most weddings I have attended where the priest states the vows and the bride & groom say, “I do.” Hearing the couple state their own intentions made their commitment seem certain to be actualized.

This reminded me of the accountability study done by the American Society of Training and Development, where they discovered that the likelihood of attaining a goal/intention increases by the following degrees when you:

• Have an idea or a goal: by 10%

• Consciously decide you will do it: by 25%

• Declare by when you will do it: by 40%

• Write it down and plan how you will do it: by 50%

• Commit to someone that you will do it: by 65%

• Have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to: by 95%

As you can see, declaring a commitment to someone or a group of people and having an accountability partner, increases the likelihood of success exponentially. In sharing “out loud” their vows to each other, the couple made it real that they would honor their commitment.

This is one of the most valuable advantages of working with a coach in achieving your goals. As a coach, I partner with you to not only get clear and specific on your goals, but also to help you to stay accountable, ensuring you will take the actions you’ve committed to.

Are there things that you have said you will do but still have not? If so, please click here to schedule a complimentary coaching call to experience the value of an accountability partner.

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